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About Us

Keep Children Safe Online CIC is a non profit organisation run by Volunteers with one aim which is to protect young and vulnerable children from any challenges or dangers they may face on the Internet Jungle. Made up of small groups that control their own local areas and funding, the main purpose is to reach children directly through their unique Educational Platform and safe chat together with school workshops and bespoke resources.

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Take a Look at some of our Projects and Achievements.

Together we can make the world  a safer place for our Kids


We would love to hear your fundraising ideas and would really appreciate your help and support. Please Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.


Why not help us to sponsor a school near you. Primary and SEN schools all need help to educate children about how to use the Internet properly.

Contact us for more details 


This page will keep you informed about any latest news either from current affairs or from the KCSO team.